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incorporating the unofficial UK Radio Web Site!

Let me tell you about my uncle Sid.
You wouldn't believe what he did!
Whilst in the toilet he had a vision from God
Who told him to do his hair just like Ken Dodd.
Fri, May 15, 1998
Vision prompts hair style change

Welcome to 666 Oxford Street, Fortune City. This property was reserved by

Mr Armadillo on 22nd May 1999

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UK Radio Photo Gallery
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UK Radio Jingles
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Mickey Whitt 1
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UK Radio recordings
UK105 26th December 1987 Mike Wilson
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UK Radio Official Web Site
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Frank Sidebottom and Little Buzz Aldrin. "Frank Sidebottom and Little Frank aren't funny." Mike Wilson, July 1999.

The Weather is Nice Here Too, but...
by Doug Sharrard

An armadillo.
Bobbins audio
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Classic radio recordings from the archives...

Tony Stevens (UK Radio 99.3)
"If you don't put it up in the studio, how the hell can I know?!"
The Lighthouse 107.6 FM
"We're not having much success..."
Voz da Llama
including Vic Hitler's unique interpretation of 'Perfect Day'. "Musica, musica internationala!"
More Tony Stevens! here and here
County Radio 94.4 FM 8th Dec 1985 10.00-10.45pm (Mike Wilson)

Radio recordings from 1999...

John Peel (Radio 1) 24th June
John Peel (Radio 1) 29th June
"Why is this red button flashing?"
Paul Johnson (UK 6266kHz SW)
 "...messing with peoples' toilets..."
Radio Blue Star (6306KHz SW)
"I hope my transmission is good"

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