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featuring recordings of UK-based legal and pirate radio stations past and present

He had never been much good between the sheets
But what really made Maureen flustered 
Was his apparent inability to produce any Tubby Custard. 
He would always watch Teletubbies with the door locked,
And when she found out why she divorced him on the spot.    Sun, Dec 7, 1997 



Check out these classic radio recordings from the archives...
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" it worth coming on air to play the same records every time and talk inane rubbish?"
The station operator of Wizard's Magic Spell, December 1999


"Who is Kevin the Gerbil?"
Steve Midnight, Feb 13, 2000

Tony Stevens (UK Radio 99.3)
"If you don't put it up in the studio, how the hell can I know?!"
The Lighthouse 107.6 FM
"We're not having much success..."
Voz da Llama
including Vic Hitler's unique interpretation of 'Perfect Day'
Vic Hitler's Fresh Air 2000
More Tony Stevens! here and here
John Peel (Radio 1) 24th June 1999
John Peel (Radio 1) 29th June 1999
"Why is this red button flashing?"
Paul Johnson (UK 6266kHz SW)
 "...messing with peoples' toilets..."
Miscellaneous radio recordings 1985 - 1999

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"The inside of the saucepan is dirty - but the top rim of the saucepan is clean, you see?"